• Jan 22, 2019
  • by Joy Pujol

First Impressions last!

Here are some simple makeup tips to keep your elegant looks last from day till night:


Wash your skin gently. Prepare your skin by using a cream based cleanser if you have a dry skin. While if your skin is an oily type, an oil-free moisturizer like a gel or foam cleanser is best before anything else.


Smooth on a primer based on your skin to make it look natural, fresh and blemish free.


Proper application is very important in applying makeup. Apply your foundation, concealer and blush evenly. Best to use small sponges for your concealer, the medium ones are for your cream or powder blush while the large sponge is for your base. Choose a primer that is close and naturally

blended to your skin tone to make it more genuine looking.


Use a matte base primer to avoid oiliness. Either apply it wet for a full coverage or apply it dry to keep things light.


Set your brows lush and full by using brow mascara so you don’t have to worry about sweating your brows off. And this could last from day till night of wearing.


Apply highlighter on the apples of your cheeks for just the right amount of highlight. This will enhance your looks and will make it more sophisticated and intimidating.


To extend the wear of your make up, use a makeup setting spray to have your makeup last for during long days.


Blot before you retouch, that way, you don’t end up having caked makeup.