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Crystal Beaded Stunning Pearl Bracelet
$31.99 $34.96
A heirloom quality jewelry in flattering finest saltwater pearls delicately shaped so as not to overpower, perfectly accents your beauty and taste. This luxurious pearl studded bangle bracelet is best...
2-Layer Choker Necklace with Opal Stone Beads in Gold or Silver
Artilady is excited to introduce its  2 layer Opal Stone Necklace with its delightful, alluring and compelling design for women of all ages. Suitable to wear on parties, gathering and...
Adjustable Natural Stone Beads Bracelet
$14.75 $19.75
Bonlavie presents the latest fashionable bracelets for women. Be a trend setters with this lovable masterpiece. This unique bead braided, stylish cool colors with elastic band is a perfect love...
New Acrylic Beads Bracelet
$17.99 $21.96
 This bohemian multi layer bracelet for women comes in an elegant design. Perfectly adjustable, durable and long-lasting accessory. Now it comes in different trendy colors from luscious red, seaside blue, fruity peach and...
Natural Stones Bangle Beads Bracelet
$18.75 $23.75
This hip and classy silver and sunny gold plated bangles with a  juicy rainbow beads gives fashion a true statement! A sweet and sassy cute piece of jewelry made with...
Natural Healing Stone Chakra Balance Beads
$35,272,503.99 $40,309,074.96
Simple yet lovely. This multi-colored bracelet can be worn whether on special occasion or an ordinary day. This classic yet mesmerizing piece is artistically designed with mixed colorful beads. It's an amazing...
Men's Classic Leather Bracelet
$146.99 $153.96
This set of latest, trendy, ultra fashionable bracelets for men are the handsome pieces for you. Hip, totally chic magnet masterpiece suitable for casual wear.  An upfront men's accessory designed to enhance...
Meditation Bead Charm Bracelet
A unique, sandlewood Medallion Buddhist grain bracelet is used for Buddhist praying, meditation or yoga practices. This also looks good for the casual wear and suited for all season fashion....
Disco Ball Beads Crystal Bracelet
Aenine Jewelry presents, alluring silver plated flexible bracelet made of mystical crystal beads. Its glossy and glittering looks made it to enhance a woman's elegance and taste. Available in several colors to choose from....
Delicate Male Beads Bracelet
Carefully hand crafted, this adorable beaded bracelet for men is made with finest quality material. Its matte and polished bead emphasized the fashion trend on a man's wrist.  This outstanding bead...
Bohemian Shell Beads Multi-layer Anklet for Women
Handmade, Bohemian inspired and stylish anklet gives a magnificent and gorgeous touch on your feet. Best to wear on pool parties and during summer. Fashionable and energetic accessory indeed! Great gift for...
Radiance Purple Charm Beads Sterling Silver
$278.99 $520.96
Explore jewelry pieces perfect for mom, sister, or friend.​ You will never go wrong with Athenaie's DIY crystal beads. Lightweight, durable and elegant. A total chic charming weapon that can...
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