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False Eyelashes

Eyelash Volumizer Long Thick and Soft Eyelash Extensions
$28.99 $37.96
Achieving a perfect make up requires perfection in the eye.  Attain the eyelash you've been dreaming of in a snap with these long false thick eyelashes. Very simple to use...
Multi-functional Eyelash Comb and Mascara Guide Applicator
Be confidently beautiful with this amazing eyebrow/eyelash comb. Defined eyelashes makes beautiful eyes captivating and fabulous! Your eyebrows will also surely attain its perfect direction by using this beauty secret...
High-Precision Stainless Steel Curved Tweezers Eyelash Applicator
False eyelashes application can be hard. We are glad to present Meloision Eyelash Extension Curved Tweezers crafted from finest stainless steel, with anti static and high precision technology. Curved tweezers are...
Long, Thick and Messy False Makeup Eyelashes Extensions
$17.99 $32.96
A pair of 3D thick natural false eyelashes / eyelash extension will only not complete your loveliness but will also emphasize the deeper beauty of your eyes. This high quality eye...
Stainless Steel False Eyelashes Applicator Clips
The most convenient tool that makes applying false lashes is here. It is easy to use and precise. Use your favorite false lashes in a snap with this innovative tool....
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