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Natural Extract Red Pomegranate Radiance Face Masks
$605.99 $780.96
Attaining fresh and elegant skin thru Natural Extract Pomegranate Nourish Mask is as easy as one application. Guaranteed gentle to your face with its natural ingredients to unveil radiance, smoothness...
Natural Osmanthus Plant Extract Moisturizing Facial Spray
$38.99 $49.96
It's now time to add toner to your skin care's daily routine. Refresh, nourish and tone your skin with clarifying face toner. The answer to a much clearer skin is an...
Nose Strips Deep Cleaning Acne Removal
$26.99 $38.96
Forget about your worries with "strawberry nose"! Say goodbye to blackheads with Mayning's Blackhead remover nose strips! Highly effective with strong absorption ability that removes blackheads, deep cleans your skin,...
Stretch Mark Fat Grain Repairing Cream
Tired and upset of stretchmarks? We are excited to present our natural and most latest Stretch mark removal cream.  This high quality and most effective product guarantees to remove stretch...
Stretch Marks And Scar Removal Maternity Skin Repair Cream
$121.99 $174.96
Remove unwanted stretchmarks and scars with this amazing product from Thailand, Pasjel Precious Skin repair cream. Made of natural plant formula, centella asiatica for skin repair, vitamin E for skin's...
Premium Body Whitening and Bleaching Cream
$35.99 $163.96
Mirror, mirror on the wall who's the fairest of them all? To achieve fair and flawless skin, use this pearl whitening moisturizing body cream.  It provides smooth and pearl milky...
Anti Keloid Scar Silicone Treatment Sheet
$149.99 $183.96
This amazing scar treatment silicone gel sheet will surely help in reducing the appearance of scars. Any type of scar can be treated from skin trauma weather it's old or...
Stretch Marks Removal Essential Oil
$44.99 $1,390.96
Stretch marks are not so good marks on our skin that would make you think twice before wearing clothes that could expose them! Laikou is proud to present its most...
Essential Fragrance Oil
Massage will be extra soothing and relaxing with this amazing Essential Oil. One of the sweetest natural remedy for stress. Promotes complete mind and body relaxation anytime  - on the...
Honey and Milk Exfoliating Paraffin Wax for Men and Women
Indulge into this nourishing hand mask to make your hands smooth, young looking and delicate. Made from natural honey and pure whole milk. Its nutritional essence penetrates the absorption with...
Anti-Wrinkle Gold Collagen Eye Mask 10 Packs
$5,607.99 $5,630.96
The latest technology to fight aging is here! Collagen masks are like super food for your face. Regular usage can make your skin smooth and wrinkle free as it reduce the signs...
Anti Cellulite 3 Days Slimming Chili and Ginger Cream
This 3 Days Slimming Cream has active ingredients of chili and ginger that burns fat to help you lose weight. It is an all natural slimming cream for your body....
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